Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Best of the Best

Great News!! We have been featured in Best of Best Dining Chicago and The Examiner. I am so excited. Check them out at:

Also, this Friday the 15th, we will be featured on Claire Bidwell Smith's Blog, "Life in Chicago". Look for my new bittersweet memory story and Pepper Steak recipe at:
Claire is so interesting to me. We have very similar stories about our mothers. They both passed away from cancer and were both excellent cooks. Also, we are both featuring them in our work. Claire is a grief counselor and is going to be giving me some expert opinions for the book! She is also an amazing writer who has been praised with the honor of one of the best blogs in the world by the Sydney Morning Herald and featured as a blog of the week by the San Francisco Chronicle. I'm so excited about developing our relationship and working together.

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