Friday, February 12, 2010

Testing Your Recipes and Announcements

I am having so much fun testing all of your recipes! I knew that when I started this project that I would have to make every recipe and make sure that they were edible and that the measurements were correct. I was so excited about the idea of getting to cook for my career. I have always loved cooking but it was always for pleasure, now I get to cook for "work" and pleasure. I absolutely LOVE my job!!
Last week, I made sugar cookies, banana bread, magic cookie bars, banana cream pie, stuffed peppers, plum chicken, and a kugel. Everything has been delicious and the recipe's are easy to understand and to follow. So far, my favorite things to make were the sugar cookies. I rarely ever pull out my rolling pin and use a cookie cutter to make the perfect cookie. I usually just make the "drop" cookies. This was a real treat and definitely worth it! They were pieces of heaven!

I have 2 announcements. First, I have switched PR companies and am now currently working with Zapwater Communications. They are wonderful and I think this will be a very exciting relationship! Second, Bittersweet Memories was featured in Chicago's Skyline. Please check it out, it's a lovely article.

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