Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Autumn Green Midway Village & Chevy Equinox

Yesterday I went to Autumn Green at Midway Village (Senior Lifestyle Corporation) for another cooking demonstration and to get stories/recipes from the residents. It was so much fun! We heard lovely stories. I got great recipes on how to dress a turkey with corn bread and how to make oysters! The staff and residents were so nice and friendly.

Chevy switched cars with me yesterday. They took the Traverse back and gave me and Equinox for the next week to do some more of the demonstrations. I am obsessed with their cars!!! The Equinox has real time traffic information. I was on the highway and it said "In 1.5 miles, there is stop and go traffic for 3/4 miles". It was exactly right! I am loving Chevy's Your Mission, Our Drive promotion!

Pictures from yesterday are below!

Me in the Chevy Equinox

Some of the residents who attended the cooking demonstration

Talking with the residents and doing to demonstration

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