Thursday, October 22, 2009


Welcome! This is my first blog. I am brand new to this so please try to be patient with me! ;)

A Blending of Bittersweet Memories is a book that is dedicated to all of those people that have lost their parent and/or loved one. For me, food is the trick for keeping their memory alive. This is a compilation of bittersweet memories in conjunction with a specific recipe. All of the traditional recipes that have departed with our loved ones, will now be remembered indefinitely.

Our Mission:

To give people a comforting way to manage the loss that is forever and keep memories/recipes alive. Please send us your stories and recipes today. Check out our website:

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  1. Hi my first time visiting. I saw you on the news this morning promoting your cookbook. I always like to visit the first post (and some in between) of a blog I first visit. Your cookbook is a wonderful idea!
    Have a golden day! xo